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Geospatial Data Repositories

TIGER 2000 Census Data - The new census data is coming. About 26 states are available already. Download the data, unzip it and use it with ESRI products.

Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse - This site is a gateway to GIS data and imagery for Illinois. Available data sets and documentation (metadata) include: geology, water resources, nature preserves, wildlife areas, land use, political boundaries, roads, census information, Public Land Survey, Digital Raster Graphics files, 1998/99 Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles, and 2000 Orthoimagery for the Des Plaines River Watershed.

Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission- Publications and Services - NIPC - the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission - is the official comprehensive planning agency for the six-county Chicago metropolitan area. NIPC - Main Page. Also check out - Chicago Region Clearinghouse Cooperative and Chicago Region GIS and Data Catalog.

Inside Illinois - Links to GIS Data for Illinois. Need to check them all out. There are some good links. You just need to find them.

GIS Data Depot - The largest FREE geo-spatial data repository on the web! Some free resources. You need to look for it.

Illinois State Water Survey - Data site. Some recent additions include scanned USGS topographic maps, and the statewide landcover database. The GIS holdings at ISWS are truly impressive.

USGS Water Resources of USA - The USGS investigates the occurrence, quantity, quality, distribution, and movement of surface and underground waters and disseminates the data to the public, State and local governments, public and private utilities, and other Federal agencies involved with managing our water resources

US Census Data Link - State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles. Click on the State, then the county and then on the info you want.

U.S. Geological Survey
- U.S. Geological Survey, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Data links for local information and maps.

National Parks Service - Since 1995, the focus of GIS in the National Park Service has been on cartographic data acquisition for parks, GIS training, and technical and administrative support for the growing number of GIS and GPS (Global Positioning System) operations in parks. More than 250 National Park System units use GIS today. Click on "GIS Data and Metadata" and select a state.

Chicago Region GIS and Data Catalog. A good resource of the Chicago area. It is just a catalog but it covers all aspects of data in the Chicago area.

Illinois Natural Reources: Illinois Clearinghouse of Imagemap, County GIS Data and Metadata. Click on the county you want and get the data.

Hawaii State  Wide GIS data source. Obtain information about our program and the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC). Download free spatial GIS data in ArcView shape file format and ArcInfo export format. View various ArcView, ArcInfo, and 3D Analyst generated GIS maps. "Road Trip!"

Sources of maps on-line - If you just need a simple map for a report, you might not have to learn ArcView for that purpose. A large number of maps are available on the Internet as GIF images, or can be created interactively as GIFs. These maps can be captured directly from your computer screen.

US GSI Data Links - a list of U.S. State and local GIS data resources - happy hunting.

DATA Repository- The UW-Madison Library GIS Data Repository emphasizes on-line data and metadata for data sets of local interest and some specific licensed data sets. The repository does not mirror or otherwise directly link to data sets which which may be held by federal and other agencies. Please examine GIS Data Sources for links to other data repositories and Clearinghouses.

Digital Orthophot

USGS NED Shaded Relief Imagery Data - GIS users can download USGS NED Shaded Relief Imagery Data to use in GIS software. With GIS software, you can use the data for geographic reference or for a background image. You can also use it to enhance topographic structure that is perpendicular to the illumination angle.

USGS Seamless Data Distribution System, National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS). The Seamless Data Distribution System (SDDS) is the ultimate location to explore and retrieve data. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the EROS Data Center (EDC) are committed to providing access to geospatial data through The National Map. An approach is to provide free downloads of national base layers, as well as other geospatial data layers.

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