Illinois & USA Interactive ArcIMS Sites

"GIS is ever evolving. The current trend is to share map and database information through internet applications that allow basic map navigation, point and click access to layer information, downloading of layers, and other analysis." (Kingsley Allan, GIS Manager).

HAARGIS - The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency is now offering HAARGIS--not the traditional Scottish delicacy--a computer database that serves up a full plate of information about Illinois' historic resources. The mission to restore, retain, and document the state's built heritage has yielded many visible results in the form of thoughtfully restored and adapted historic structures. But managing the documentation has been a bigger challenge--until now. The Historic Architecture and Archaeological Geographic Information System--HAARGIS, for short--is a new tool that has been developed by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) to manage information about the historic and prehistoric properties that it is charged to protect. And there is an abundance of data on the state's historic resources. Read more about HAARGIS.

Map USA - Map USA is part of the American Communities Project at Brown University, led by Dr. John Logan. It provides maps and census data at the level of census tracts for the entire nation.

Census 2000 - Allowing users to learn about the conditions for people living in specific cities, metropolitan regions, and states.

US Schools - Providing information about public schools across the United States.

Illinois Children & Youth Coordinated Data System - This site is an effort to begin placing information about children, youth, and their families into a common data system for state and community use. It includes information by county and school district. The overarching goal for the system is to create a user-friendly web database and GIS system that provides up to-date data for all Illinois communities to use for planning, monitoring, and tracking outcomes for children and youth. State and local government and community agencies will also be able to identify essential outcomes and indicators for their programs and initiatives.

Market Maker - An interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agricultural products in Illinois, providing an important link between producers and consumers.

The Chicago Public Schools Locator website is an interactive map based website which allows the user the ability to search for a Chicago Public School by specific address, within a 1.5 mile radius, by school name, and by program type. The map provides information from the Chicago Public Schools, Department of School Demographics and Planning, the City of Chicago, and a variety of City agencies and is presented in a format that is easy to navigate.

Iowa Geographic Map Server - This site provides free access to Iowa geographic map data through an on-line map viewer, ArcIMS map services, or through GIS software extensions. The site was developed by the Iowa State University Geographic Information Systems Support and Research Facility in cooperation with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Select an image to start.

ArcWeb Services offer a way to include GIS content and capabilities in your applications without having to host the data or develop the necessary tools yourself. The result is significant savings of time, expense, and computer resources.

Map Illinois for Watersheds - Map Illinois for Watersheds is a web-based mapping system (ARCIMS) helpful in exploring and learning about any area of Illinois. Some of the most current and detailed geospatial, or map, infomation for Illinois is accessible here interactively. Links are provided to many exernal data providers It is intended to aid watershed planning groups with watershed characterization and exploration.

Resource Management Mapping Service. - Users can quickly locate, create, and print maps of large and small areas within Illinois in a few minutes. Numerous map layers may be added to the base map to give a better idea of a specific location's resources and other important attributes.

Environmental Protection Agency - Welcome to the EnviroMapper for Envirofacts. The tool combines interactive maps and aerial photography to display facility-based information from the Envirofacts Warehouse.

Official USDA soil information as viewable maps and tables for more than 2300 soil surveys.

Alternative Crops Project - The Alternative Crops Project site lists climate and soil requirements for alternative and traditional crops. Overall crop suitability maps, based on crop requirements and the soil and climate of Illinois, are presented for more than 400 existing and potential crops that include food, feed, fiber, fuel, medicinal, and food additives. The crop requirements in the database are also presented as text on the page where the map is shown.

Illinois Digital Orthophoto quarter Quadrangles are available online: statewide via an interactive map launch page for viewing and download, or by county via a text or image map download interface. Click on Open the Interactive Mapping Web Interface

IDNR Resource Management Mapping Service - Users can quickly locate, create, and print maps of large and small areas within Illinois in a few minutes. Numerous map layers may be added to the base map to give a better idea of a specific location's resources and other important attributes.

The Peoria GIS Consortium is a joint effort between the City of Peoria, County of Peoria, & Greater Peoria Sanitary District.

Welcome to! Our goal is to improve farm efficiency and profitability through providing a comprehensive, integrated, farm and resource management decision support system. Use to access site-specific information and customizable decision tools that reflect your farm's individual characteristics. - is part of the Geospatial One-Stop E-Gov initiative providing access to geospatial data and information.

The Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational dataBase (MIDCARB) is a research consortium composed of the State Geological Survey's of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Ohio, with funding from the US Department of Energy through the National Energy Technology Laboratory. The main objective of MIDCARB is to evaluate the potential capacity for geologic sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in the member states.

Indiana Geological Survey - Interactive Maps. An excellent example of ArcIMS to study your state. Click on the different topic and zoom in!

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