Thanks For Your Support!

The GIS 2 GPS team would like to thank the following companies and organizations in helping support and nurture GIS and GPS technology in schools. The following companies feel like us that these new technologies will be important to students in the future. Over the past couple of years, these technologies have rapidly developed and are now used in the real world. It is important that the present day students are exposed to these new technologies so they will be ready to use them either in their job or everyday life experiences.

The following companies and organizations in their own unique ways have assisted us in developing the program that we now have in place. These companies have not only given us technical support, but they also have donated materials, equipment and software to the development of our program. With their sanction, we have also been able to pass along this support and materials to the schools and teachers we have been working with. Another part of this collaboration is a special savings to schools and teachers for the equipment and software that is necessary to bring these new technologies to the K-12 environment.

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