Trouble Shooting
Windows XP and ArcVoyager Special Edition

Error Message: MSW call DeleteObject failed in Windows XP, home and professional editions
Software: ArcVoyager Special Edition
Platforms: Windows XP

Error Message
When the user identifies features using the Identify tool in ArcVoyager, the following error occurs on Windows XP:

"MSW call DeleteObject failed"

ArcVoyager needs to run in Windows 95 compatibility mode.
Compatibility mode is a feature of Windows XP and doesn't affect ArcVoyager performance.

Solution or Workaround
To run ArcVoyager in Windows 95 compatibility mode on Windows XP, do the following steps.
Before beginning, please note: To help minimize this problem, do not attempt to close the Identify Tool before it has completed identifying everything in the selection.

1. Right-click the ArcVoyager shortcut and select Properties.

2. Select the Compatibility tab. This tab appears only if the compatibility mode interface has been properly enabled.

3. Check 'Run in compatibility mode' to enable compatibility mode support for the program.

4. Select 'Windows 95 Compatibility Layer' in the dropdown list.

5. Select OK to save the changes.

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